Friends, it’s been a long time coming. Over the past six years we’ve experienced nothing but absolute joy in it’s purest form by bringing you the music in our heads. The support, love and admiration from everyone has continually fueled this train to chug along city to city. However, there was always another looming constance that in it’s wake works  to our disadvantage. Our name. Originating from Sir Cadian Rhythm we took it upon ourselves to shorten the moniker and stage ourselves to the initials instead. SCR, while on paper was much easier to spell and pronounce. But it hasn’t translated with that type of ease in our online presence. Repeatedly we’ve run into the same chain of events. Engaging a new audience only to find that they have a less than desirable time in attempting to find us online. If we had a dollar for every time an interested listener relayed to us we were no where to be found then we’d be able to fund the next ten albums. The name has always been something we never truly clicked with. That we felt right with. A proverbial thorn in an otherwise kick ass garden. This quarantine has produced a lot of self reflection both personally and professionally. That being said, over the next few weeks we’ll be transitioning from SCR to our new name “Night Without Cars”. The name stems from a lyric beloved by all of us in the band. It represents clarity, and most importantly a breath of fresh air. A new beginning. We’ll still be bringing you the same energy, the same crew and the same music. We’re more than thrilled to be taking steps into this new chapter and we couldn’t ask for a better fan base to take it with us. We look forward to bringing you new music in the coming weeks. We love you, talk soon.

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